Have you been looking everywhere for a clip like the one our friend Ewan is sporting?

Well your quest is over - you have come to the right place: these are the clips you're looking for...

Covertec don't sell these anymore, but they have allowed us to continue promoting them as long as we acknowledge their name on our site.

Please find below our current pricing - each of these clips comes with the appropriate wheel which clips securely into the "V" groove of the front of the clip - see pictures above and below.


"Please select the quantity you require, then click on the drop-down box to select the shipping destination".

One Clip

Two Clips

Five Clips (inc. p&p)

Ten Clips

Twenty-Five Clips

Fifty Clips

One Hundred Clips

All deliveries are subject to availability. Please note that we try to maintain stock of this item, but at times of peak demand, ie. when a new release is imminent or ongoing, we can be "wiped out" for up to 5 weeks!

If you need extra "buttons" or "wheels", these are 30p each - email us if you need a quote for some.

Front and rear views of the "Star Wars" clip


Please note that we can ONLY ship in these quantities - please also note that for orders of 250 pieces and above, the total quantity shipped may be +/- 2%: we do try to minimise any discrepancies, but please bear this in mind.
Carriage is by Royal Mail, or Air Mail for overseas.


How to order

Please order online using the PayPal buttons below the item you require!

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